FAQs about Shipping & Returns

Welcome to Vogue and thanks for shopping with us! This page contains a few of our Frequently Asked Questions about when you can expect your item(s) to arrive as well as returning your item(s) if you are not 100% satisfied. 

  1. When can I expect my package to arrive? Each item is different. Clothing may be sourced by different suppliers in the USA, Europe, and China, while pillows and gift items generally ship from within the USA. Depending upon which product you choose and where you live, production and shipping can take up to 3 weeks to arrive. If your item(s) indicate "Shipping from within the USA" in the description, that means that your item will be custom made and shipped from within the USA, or if it is a clothing item, it will be coming from a warehouse within the US and you can generally expect your item(s) to arrive within 5 business days unless you choose to pay for expedited shipping.
  2. Why do you source from all of these different suppliers? Why not just source from one supplier to get quick shipping? Because we can't all be Nordstrom! To get the best price for a really cute and trendy product, we need to expand our reach. This is how we keep the prices affordable for you. Items ship directly from the factory, and they typically ship within one day...but due to all of the politics and import regulations, shipping to the US from overseas is kind of a nightmare! So, yes, we could potentially pay $60 for shipping, but why do that? Then the item would cost you twice as much. So the answer is, with products coming from overseas patience is key. You will receive a tracking number via email for your product within 1 to 2 business days.    
  3. Can I return an item if it doesn't fit or if I don't like it? Yes! Your satisfaction is our top priority. Please let us know as soon as it arrives if you decide you don't want the item. We have a 2-week window from the time your product arrives to you to get it back to us for a full refund. Return shipping is paid by you. You will be refunded for the cost of your product plus tax and original shipping once your item arrives back to us. Please contact us (using the form on the Contact Page) to let us know that you want to return your item and we will email you a mailing label.